PriMedical, Inc. Offers:

Medical Case Management

Catastrophic Case Management

Vocational Case Management

Task Assignments: We work with our customers to ensure that the service we provide is appropriate for the case. We can pinpoint specific needs and provide services for a one-time task assignment. Sometimes obtaining records, MMI, MCC or conferencing with a provider is all that is needed and we are pleased to be involved in any of these crucial events.

Full Field (including Catastrophic): We identify the absolute best candidate for your full field case management assignments. We want to make sure the fit is ideal for all parties and that it will create an effective team. It is critical that an experienced and qualified case manager be assigned to any catastrophic case. Primedical, Inc. takes these complex cases with immediate needs very seriously. Typically, claims that become stagnant, involve surgery, have multiple providers, or have no clear direction, can all benefit from our services.

Our Case Managers adhere to the PriMedical, Inc. culture by providing constant communication, along with an aggressive approach to the treatment plan. We monitor the progress internally to ensure each case is handled in a timely manner.

Our coverage areas span across the US in areas of higher population.  Please contact us to submit a referral or if you have a question about coverage.

Our case managers are highly skilled in workers’ compensation and are the top talents available in their regions.

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