PriMedical, Inc. was created to bring a new perspective to Case Management in the Workers’ Compensation Industry.  Our team is comprised of industry experts with a thorough understanding of what it takes to exceed the expectations of our clients.  Our enthusiasm and unique approach allows us to provide results that are second to none.

Factors such as: location of cases, volume of catastrophic claims, and bilingual needs all play major roles in how we become the best partner for our customers. There is more to our process than assigning a case manager to a claim. It is about assigning the right case manager to the claim. Our approach to Case Management puts more flexibility and power in the hands of the employer, insurer and/or TPA. 

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Our approach to Case Management is simple and narrowed down to three key factors:




A note from PriMedical, Inc. CEO, Tim Buckley:

“I have been providing superior customer service and developing a deep understanding of my clients’ needs for 10 years now. I strive for perfection in all aspects of providing services to clients who I truly care about. All of my clients are VIP and those who know me can attest to that. Communication, transparency and follow through are all components I believe clients working with PriMedical, Inc. will benefit from. We have implemented new strategies and procedures which set us apart from any other company in the industry. PriMedical, Inc. is the new face of Case Management. Thank you!”

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